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Sharmin’s Wedding

Height: 5’6

Size: 2x

Date: 12/27/2013

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Our Real Curves Bride Sharmin on her Wedding Day

How did he ‘pop’ the question?: After us texting for about a week, he asked me out on a date. The first thing I did was call my dad and tell him that the guy I had been telling him about asked me to dinner, which my dad replies, “FREE FOOD!! GO!!” lol. So we went to Sugar Factory in the Paris Hotel. Fast forward a few months later, we go to Sugar Factory again, our fav place by then, everyone knew us, and as we walk back to valet he stops in front of the Eiffel Tower and says, β€œA few months ago in this very spot I knew I was going to make you my wife and today I stand here again at this same spot asking you to be my wife!”. Without any hesitation I grab him and say, β€œYes, forever and ever!”

How did you meet?: Funny story actually. We met in Las Vegas. He was here working as an engineer for two years prior to me moving out here to complete medical school. I met him in mosque the first time. I was actually asked by a friend to not allow him to leave mosque before she could invite him to a community counsel meeting to discuss “our age” to get more involved with the foundations. So, I approached him and introduced myself. After a ten minute convo with him and a friend about what he does, she asked to give her number to him, but since we were in mosque none of us had our cell phones with us. Instead I opened my purse and noticed I had ONE LAST business card left, destiny or what?! The next day he texted me saying, β€œHi, this is my number.” And I let him know that I would pass it along to my friend. That following Friday approached, we had our discussion, and the whole time he was quiet until I said something to tick him off. He basically said if you have love for god you’ll do what you had to. Anyone who knew me knows that I don’t take to indirect insults very nicely. But all my friends stared me down and kept telling me to let it go and not say anything to him. That night I got with my friends and kept going on and on about how I disliked him. After a week of that, I eventually texted him to say, “Thinking of you, hope you’re doing well”, ONLY because I had felt so bad that I spoke badly about him. When he responded who is this I was like WHAAT, but then I calmed down and told him I was one of the girls who asked him to come last week. He said, “oh the pretty one?”, so I asked him if that’s what he says to all the girls and he loved it. It was history from there!!

Looking back – Wedding memory: I’ll remember all the great compliments on my dress I got and overall look. But most of all, I’ll remember how the officiant told us to repeat after him, but we just ended up saying our own vows as we went!!! That night we went to a French restaurant in the Paris Hotel, then took off the next morning to go to LA and enjoy an Afghani concert with the family, so that will be some favorite memories as well. Even though this wedding was fun and low budget, it felt like a grand wedding!

Tell us about your Kiyonna dresses.: MY DRESS [Amour Lace Wedding Gown], I love it!!! Since we are both from a Middle Eastern background, we decided to save the BIG FAT MIDDLE EASTERN WEDDING til’ 2016 and in the meantime have a “FUN VEGAS WEDDING” to be totally official since our parents were both coming to Vegas for Christmas. At this point my time was limited and I had no idea what to do until I started graduation dress shopping at Kiyonna which I have always been a loyal customer to Kiyonna. I knew after I had bought a black lace gown a few years back, that the white lace gown would be perfect. The clothes always fit so perfectly and look so elegant without spending a lot. I went online to see that my size was no longer available, but I called the store and they told me that the NEW white gown would be in their store by the first week of December. Trust me I was worried, but when I called again in December they had it and they mailed it to me right away. No joke, THE STAFF IS SUPER FRIENDLY, KIND, AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS GREAT. I literally received it the next day! The dress was perfect and all I was missing was some bling. So, I got a handmade brooch to accentuate the beauty of the dress. What I love about Kiyonna the most is that being Muslim and voluptuous I like to be conservative, classy, and sassy and they help me do that! Kiyonna offers the longer sleeves which I absolutely LOVE!!

What is an un-traditional thing you did?: Being that I come from a moderately conservative background, all of this was un-traditional, but our day was amazing! The groom saw the bride before the ceremony and we actually took selfies prior to leaving for the chapel. When we got to the chapel the officiant was so inquisitive about our vivacious nature that we told him our whole background and he said it should be made into a movie! After the ceremony, we went to the infamous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign and took great pictures!

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