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Sarah’s Wedding

Height: 5’3

Size: 3x

Date: 4/13/2013

Location: Eastern Promenade in Portland, Maine

Sarah's Wedding

How did he ‘pop’ the question?: My husband and I had talked about marriage since day one and almost went to city hall several times but didn’t feel it was right. One night, he slid a piece of paper under the bathroom door while I was getting ready to go to dinner and the paper said “Will you marry me? Check yes or no.” So sweet and so perfect. Two days later while at dinner we talked about how serious we really were and the planning then started.

How did you meet?: I meet my husband a little over four yeas ago at a live music venue that I worked at, he was in a band and I was the club booking agent. We spent the next four years flirting, texting, and wondering why we weren’t together and then one day things clicked and we were married six months later.

Looking back – Wedding memory: One special memory that I will take away from our big day was that when we arrived to the ceremony space, there was a man flying a huge remote control airplane right above where we were getting married. Our amazing photographer captured it in several photos ad then photo shopped a banned that says “Just Married” to the back of the plane. Such a cool ad special memory.

Tell us about your Kiyonna dresses.: I went with the Luna Lace dress because I am not your typically bride. To say we are non traditional is a bit of an understatement. I bought two dresses but once I put on this dress I knew it was the one. It made me feel sexy, pretty, comfortable, and most importantly it made me feel like myself. I added a small petticoat under it to make the skirt a little fuller and a pink ribbon belt to tie in our wedding colors and to match my birdcage veil. It was perfect!

What is an un-traditional thing you did?: Our whole wedding was untraditional…from the black dress, to the pink bandana in my husband’s back pocket, to the small amount of guests, to our after ceremony dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant, to the Star Wars masks we wore for some of our wedding photos. We did things the way we wanted and we wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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