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Plus Size Bride, Julie’s Casual & Romantic Wedding

Height: 5’6 Size: 1X

Wedding Date: March 14, 2020 Location: Skylight Chapel in Taylors, SC

Photographer: Kathryn Poole Hembree Photography

Wedding Dress: Bella Lace Wedding Dress

When it comes to wedding dresses and gowns, Kiyonna takes pride in helping a plus size bride say yes to the dress. We love to hear their stories and the journey it took to find the perfect dress.

We are extremely happy to share our interview with our plus size bride, Julie, on her special day with her husband, Scotty and their romantic first dance as a married couple.

How did he pop the question or how did the proposal go down? 

Late one Sunday afternoon, we took a stroll around the pond in the downtown city park. We stopped at the gazebo and Scotty got down on one knee, told me he loved me and he wanted to take care of me. He asked me to marry him. With tears in my eyes, I said yes, of course. We had only been dating for seven weeks, but I knew. Then, he took me for some ice cream, a man truly after my heart, lol.  It was a wonderful afternoon.

How did you two meet?

We met through a dating app. Funny story: Scotty sent me a message on the app, and I didn’t respond right away. A month later, just as Scotty was reading how to delete his profile, I replied. Looking back at my old messages because I knew they delete automatically after 30 days of receiving them, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anyone that would be a good match.  I might have lost Scotty forever if I waited just 20 more minutes.

Looking back, what is the most memorable moment on your wedding day?

Our first dance as a married couple. Even though everyone was looking at us, it felt like it was just us. Everything else faded away. Fun and romantic. It was real then. I was a 47-year-old woman who had never married, so this was an extraordinary moment for me.

As a plus size bride, how was your shopping experience and what kind of style were you looking to wear on your wedding day?

I didn’t go wedding dress shopping because I know most shops do not carry larger sizes, so it is hard to see how they would look on. I knew what I wanted.  So, I started looking online for plus-size wedding dresses and came across you guys.

I didn’t want anything too fancy because it would be a small, casual wedding. I wanted to be comfortable and be able to wear a standard bra because of being busty.  In search of a fit and flare, knee-length dress, I wanted something that accentuated my curves and bust line, but was not too revealing with upper arm coverage. 

Why did you say β€œyes” to this Kiyonna dress?

Your Bella Lace Wedding Dress was a perfect fit as soon as I slipped it on.  It was the one and only dress I ordered and tried on.  It was perfect for my wedding day. 

If there was anything you would have done differently the day of your wedding, what would it be?

Nothing. Usually, I am a little high stressed and controlling person, but I let that all go on that day and just enjoyed it. I knew no matter what happened, I still would be married to my wonderful man when it was all over.  

What advice would you give a bride to be?

Don’t stress about it.  All that matters is you and your man. 

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