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Melissa’s Wedding

Height: 5’3

Size: 2x

Location: The Myriad Botanical Gardens | Oklahoma City, OK

Wedding Date: June 2019

Wedding Photographer: Ai Photography

When it comes to plus size wedding dresses and gowns, Kiyonna takes pride helping brides say yes to the dress. We love to hear their stories and the journey it took to find their perfect dress.

Originally, Melissa was on the hunt for a more traditional wedding dress. As you can see from her gorgeous pictures, she chose a dress that was the complete opposite of what she was looking for. Our Gilded By Moonlight Wedding Gown is a sleeveless sleek silhouette that she ended up falling in love with. This eye-catching gown with glitter-treated fabric is modern and flattering. This non-traditional style gave Melissa the confidence to walk down the aisle and marry the man of her dreams.

How did he ‘pop’ the question?

My husband, then boyfriend, asked if I wanted to go to dinner at Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City. This place has restaurants, but nothing fancy, so I didnt think anything of it. We went walking out to the lighthouse after dinner to try to get a picture. Then this person, who looked like he was the best Instagram husband ever, was taking pictures of his wife. We asked him to take a picture of us because he seemed like the perfect stranger at the time to do it. He turned out to be the best! This stranger started getting on his knees and taking pictures from different angles. It was hard not to hold back the giggles. The man said, “Move over here in front of the lake and I will get that picture too.” At that moment of posing for our newfound photographer, my husband proposed.

It was amazing because it was a genuine moment totally caught on camera, by a very nice stranger who just started snapping away. So, every facial reaction and feeling was caught. I wish I could find that person and tell them thank you. There truly are amazing people in the world. My husband and I are so grateful to have one of our big moments forever now.

My proposal was a complete surprise. I had no clue of it happening that day at all! We had been together for a year and a half at that time so, with that saidit was very wanted. Ha!

Melissa and Travis say ‘I do’ and walk up the aisle happily ever after.

Where did you two love birds meet?

My husband is 5 years younger than me and he actually played baseball with my cousin growing up, so I’m sure I knew him without knowing him back then. However, we both had great friends that were brothers, and we connected on social media at first. Then, a conversation just organically started over a post of his Christmas tree because I love Christmas, and clearly, we have never stopped talking.

Looking back, what is the most memorable moment on your wedding day?

For me, the most memorable moment was walking away with my husband after we kissed at the ceremony. Then thinking, “Wow, I got to marry my favorite person just now.” I was so proud to become his wife at that moment.

Why did you say yes to this Kiyonna dress?  

In the beginning, I was looking for something traditional, but a little retro. As you can see now, I went the total opposite. When we decided on our venue at the Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City, I wanted something more sleek for my look and less traditional. I, with the help of my Mom, decided on this wedding gown and fell in love with it. 

When I put on the [ sleeveless sleek wedding gown ], I just knew it was my dress. It was beautiful. It laid perfectly, the craftsmanship was amazing, and it fit me without any alterations needed, so I knew THIS was the one. I felt great and beautiful in the dress from the moment I tried it on for the first time.

Mom and dad stand happily beside Melissa.

What is one non-traditional thing you did?

A lot of things we did were not traditional. One being it was a family and wedding party only wedding, except for a handful of close friends. We wanted our wedding to be a family affair, and not so focused on marking off items on an agenda. We left our reception with the biggest hearts. It was perfect for us. I will never forget how fun and special is was bringing our two families together.

As the entire bridal party poses for a picture, Melissa radiates gorgeousness.

Even though Melissa was initially searching for a traditional dress, were happy she was open to a sleeveless sleek wedding gown. Were ecstatic she loved our Gilded By Moonlight Wedding Gown. Her confidence exudes in all her wedding photos, and were glad to have been a part of her special day! Congratulations, Melissa and Travis! We wish you the happily ever after you deserve!

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